Legendborn by Tracy Deonn

I’ve heard tell that folks either love Legendborn or are lukewarm about it. I’m not one to judge, but if you fall in to latter group, you are wrong. Legendborn is brilliant, and just look at that cover. It’s beautiful. Legendborn is one book that can be judged by its cover.

The book starts off with the death of our protagonist Bree’s mother. This isn’t a spoiler. It’s on the book flap. Bree is having an understandably hard time dealing with this. Her father is trying his best to help Bree, but he isn’t doing the greatest job. Bree sees an early enrollment program at UNC-Chapel Hill as a way to escape her pain. Not all as it seems, though. Bree quickly finds out about and gets involved in with a King Arthur secret society. Then she discovers that this group may have a connection to her mother’s death. Later in the book Bree discovers her connection to Root Magic.

The author had me at King Arthur. Then Rootwork! I live in the Lowcountry of South Carolina, and we have a rich history of Gullah/Geechie culture. That made the Rootwork portion especially interesting to me. In fact, I would have loved to have more of that in Legendborn. Maybe in the next book? Fingers crossed.

When Bree’s roommate brings her Bojangles’s blueberry biscuits for breakfast, Bree’s reaction made me realize she’s a girl after my own heart. When Bree got a whiff of the buttermilk biscuits her reaction is, “Jesus take the wheel!” Highly relatable.

Racism is a major theme in this book. If you finish Legendborn and still think we should keep up our confederate statues and rebel flags flying, you might want to rethink your life decisions

I flew through this 490 page book in one day. Granted it is YA, which I tend to read faster, but still. I couldn’t put it down. Housework suffered that day. Oh well, it’s not like the dust is going anywhere.

As a personal aside, I have never read a more apt description of a Waffle House in my life. I could figuratively feel the sticky menu in my hands and smell the delicious grease. I immediately wanted some scattered, smothered, and covered hash browns.

I selfishly hope Tracy Deonn has locked herself in a bunker, furiously writing her next book.

Solid 5/5

Happy reading y’all,


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