The Puppet Masters Apprentice

This all new book (release date October 13, 2020) reads like an old world fairy tale. You would never know that it isn’t a 100 year old tale that someone dug out of the back of a falling apart hardback in the grandmother’s bookshelf.

While this isn’t strictly Halloween themed, it is a Sci-Fi Dystopian creepy ride through a fractured fairy tale. This Pinocchio re-telling was glorious in all it’s wonder and mystical atmosphere.

Piro who is the puppet master’s apprentice is good at her job. She herself was carved by the master and is a good responsible girl. She knows the kinds of stories to tell and what not to tell at puppet shows, so that she makes money. The entire time I was reading it I heard Rumpelstiltskin from the TV show Once Upon A Time, in my head, “All magic, comes with a price, dearie” Truly, this is an unusual read.

I feel as if this is a book I could hand all teens and they could all get what they needed from the story. It kept me guessing until the end.

You can preorder The Puppet Master’s Apprentice here.

Published by Jenn Naughton

JENN NAUGHTON is a professional book reviewer, long time homeschool educator, and the creator of The Bookish Society.

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