Hocus Pocus and The All New Sequel

(this review is from 2018- re running it here for Spooktober!)

Two years later I can tell you that this book has grown on me. I read it each October along with a few other Spooky favorites. It holds up and if you love Halloween and the Hocus Pocus fandom it is still a must buy.

I read this on my kindle, and for some reason, I wasn’t getting a page count. I can tell you that this book IRL is probably thick (or as the kids say thiicc.) I’ve since bought it and it is indeed 521 pages long!

You get two books, the original Hocus Pocus in novel form (it’s like reading the movie) In case you don’t know the plot:

Three Salem witches hanged in 1693 for stealing a child’s life force are revived in 1993 when 16-year-old new kid Max completes a spell by lighting a magical candle (which has to be kindled by a virgin to work). Max and dazzling, popular classmate Allison have to keep said witches at bay until dawn to save all of the local children from a similar fate.

And the sequel which is called “The Hocus Pocus Sequel” Weird, but okay.  Poppy is the 17yo daughter of the original children(Max and Allison) who encountered the Sanderson sisters in 1993. They live in the same town, and her parents keep their experience plus belief in witches on the down low. Poppy has told her closest friend how they are related to the Sanderson’s but not much else. This changes on Halloween night of 2018 as Poppy tells her newish friend Isabella the truth about her family. They end up taking a Ouji board out, and you can guess what happens then.

Clue- aMok! aMok! aMok!

With help from her best friend, Travis, and classmate Isabella, on whom she has a major crush, Poppy has only hours to keep the weird sisters from working more evil.

I stretched both books out to two days by making myself read slowly (I’m a huge Hocus Pocus fan) and enjoyed the experience.

Poppy and her family are white, while Travis and Isabella are both African-American.

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Published by Jenn Naughton

JENN NAUGHTON is a professional book reviewer, long time homeschool educator, and the creator of The Bookish Society.

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