Real Men Knit by Kwana Jackson

“Don’t worry. It’s just a few dropped stitches. In knitting there’s never a problem that can’t be fixed. It’s only yarn.

Strong Knits is a neighborhood establishment in Harlem, run by Mama Joy. The book starts off right after Mama Joy’s funeral, leaving her four adopted sons and her assistant, Kerry, to decide what to do with the with the store. It is not only not a money maker, but they soon discover that Mama Joy was in debt to keep the yarn shop up and running. Strong Knits is located on the bottom floor of a brownstone. The living quarters, where Mama Joy raised the four boys, are on the top three floors. The brownstone is worth quite a bit of money, so do they try to keep the shop open, or sell?

Three of the brothers have successful careers. The youngest, Jesse Strong, is a bit of a wildcard. He’s drifted from dead end job to dead end job and from woman to woman. It is Jesse who wants to keep the shop open, and no one really believes he can do it.

Kerry, who has worked in the shop since she was a teenager, has now graduated from college and is working at a community center that helps out the neighborhood kids. It is time for her to leave Strong Knits behind and start her career. Or is it?

While Jesse wants to keep the business running, it is Kerry who knows how to handle the day to day of running the shop. After a small disaster at Kerry’s apartment building she is left temporarily without a place to life. Kerry ends up living above Strong Knits. With Jesse.

As Kerry and Jesse are living in the same house and trying to figure out how to turn the yarn shop around there is a little romance in the air.

The question is, can lazy, womanizing Jesse handle a business and a real girlfriend? And should Kerry put her career on hold and trust Jesse.

I heard a lot of buzz about Real Men Knit. As an obsessive knitter, I was immediately intrigued. I’ll read anything with the word knit in the title. lol

This was a sweet, if somewhat predictable, story. And I have no problem with that. Sometimes I just want to read a book to be entertained, and Real Men Knit fit the bill for that. I enjoyed the tension between Jesse and Kerry and between Jesse and his brothers. I loved the community that was the heart of Strong Knits. It was a fun read. And yes, real men do knit.

4/5 stars

Happy reading y’all,


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