The Daevabad Trilogy By S. A. Chakraborty

I have already reviewed The City of Brass and decided to review the other two books as a trilogy. It’s hard to write individual reviews for a trilogy with giving away spoilers, or maybe it is not for more seasoned reviewers.

I love this trilogy. At no point did the story lag. The world building is fantastic. I love that it is based on Middle Eastern mythology and folklore. As an almost 49 year old woman who has always lived in southern suburbia and is a fantasy lover, I am thrilled that more fantasy is being published that isn’t the generic medieval England trope. Folktales and mythology are a great way to dip your toe in the water of learning about other cultures. And don’t get me started at my elation that more women and BIPOC authors are being published, especially in fantasy and science fiction. Those two genres have, with a few exceptions, have been the domain of white men. I’m not against white male writers, but it is so nice to have some diversity.

At several times the characters are morally ambiguous, which keeps things interesting. Even when two characters are at odds with each other I found myself feeling sympathetic for both parties.

Many trilogies suffer from ‘middle book syndrome’ where the middle book just seems to be mostly filler for the third and final book. The Daevabad Trilogy did not have this flaw.

It was marketed to me as adult fantasy, but I think it would also be appropriate for the 15+ YA crowd. There is violence , but it’s not over the top. There also romantic plot lines, but there are no explicit sex scenes.

If you are a fan of fantasy I think you will love the trilogy. If you don’t read fantasy but would like to give it a try, The Daevabad Trilogy would be a great starting point.

Happy Reading Y’all


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