Into the Glacier

Welcome back. Last week’s game was a real bummer. If you had the time and inclination to give it a shot, did you die as horribly as me? I sure hope not, but in case you did grab yourself a warm drink, and let’s dive into a bit of a grimdark palate cleanser with IntoContinue reading “Into the Glacier”

Introducing Gallus

Hello, hello. Here’s something a little different for you. Howdy, I’m Gallus. Who’s this jerk? I’m the eldest spawn of your regular host, Bookish Wendy. My hobbies include listening to They Might Be Giants too much, petting my cats, getting pecked by chickens, and playing TTRPGs. That last one there is what I’m here toContinue reading “Introducing Gallus”

The Bone Shard Daughter

by Andrea Stewart This is an absolutely fantastic book. It’s got a sentient animal familiar, political intrigue, light romance (including sapphic), and many twists and turns. The Bone Shard Daughter is told from the point of view of four protagonists: Lin, Jovis, Phalue, and Sand. Lin is the emperor’s daughter who has lost the lastContinue reading “The Bone Shard Daughter”

Been a Long Time Gone

and I ain’t wrote a post since I don’t know when/long time gone/and (I’m back again) Faithful readers (hi mom) may have noticed I’ve been away since October. Now I’m gonna lay down my excuses. I have a chronic pain condition called trigeminal neuralgia. The trigeminal nerve is around the ear and branches out acrossContinue reading “Been a Long Time Gone”


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